Every condition in our life is not necessarily our fault.
However, it is definitely our responsibility. This e-book is about acknowledging that responsibility and setting out towards success.
Nobody is perfect in this world, and that includes you too. There’s always some little way that we as individuals can improve.
You can either choose to blame others, curse your luck or do something to change yours and for that you need to improve yourself.
Whether it’s diversifying your knowledge or changing your influence on your surroundings, there are seemingly endless small things you can do to shift, change, make yourself ready for a different life and realise it.
The legacy that you will leave is completely dependent upon what choices you make, no matter where or how it all started for you.

About The Author
Jose Delgado created resources to show you how to live your life on your own terms, fulfilling your personal goals and missions through a journey of self-discovery that resonates with your personality.
Jose is on his mission to show and teach people ways to give their life a new sense creating resources to live a new life they can create for themselves.
This mission has given birth to LuoVita.
He took a radical approach, he started by absorbing all kinds of information for years and when he was sure of his abilities, he decided to make sense in his life and help those who felt the same.

My Message

To improve and become successful in your life you will have to trust your instincts and only then will you also be able to trust other people too.

This is the foundation to create bonds and your connections in this life, the ones you can count on and the ones that will help you advance and achieve your goals!

You can never guess what the future has reserved for you, be exited about the future and grateful that you have given this opportunity to experience something very unique in this universe, life on planet Earth!

Remember, it is through improving yourself that you can get the most out of your life and never forget to appreciate every moment!

Every day you have is a new chance to create your future!

take care



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